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SHINOBI SERIES - Long Sleeve Pop Collar Fishing Jersey

S$ 25.00

忍 - endure|bear|tolerate|put up with|conceal|spy|sneak|be hard-hearted enough|have the heart to|

Inspired by pop culture depiction of the elusive strategist, the Shinobi Series fishing jersey was designed to embody a mindset of persistence to achieve a goal that requires utmost patience. A minimalist approach was taken for the design to retain the virtue of simplicity.

Made with breathable dry-fit material, the jersey keeps the wearer cool whilst blocking out harmful UV rays.
The open high pop collar design aims to block out Sun rays from the neck area and allow air flow.
The large plastic zipper was chosen specifically to reduce any chance of corrosion damage from saltwater and allow for easy cleansing of dirt and salt during washing. 

Designed by Jhan DABOMB


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