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SHINOBI SERIES - TANTO Multi-style Fishing Rod

S$ 70.00

忍 - endure|bear|tolerate|put up with|conceal|spy|sneak|be hard-hearted enough|have the heart to|

A rod designed for the Singapore Angler. The short length and strong butt combination provides optimum leverage for closed-quarters casting and maximum fish-taming capabilities. Definitely an easy choice of rod for the multi-style angler that fish both freshwater and saltwater territories.

Off the battle field, the length provides comfortable mobility on public transport and fits with ease in even the smallest of rides. A fast action rod blank with high durability was chosen for even the most careless of anglers.

Made to be used, made to handle abuse.

Designed by Jhan DABOMB


Rod length: 5'3" ML

Type: Spinning

Sections: 1-piece

Lure Rating: 4-18g


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